I’m Mim!
I first discovered VOCALOID in 2009 and been into it ever since!
I’ve been working on French UTAU since 2015 and I’m a UTAU FRANCE admin, please check our work out on utaufrance.com!

I’ve developed some phonemizers for Open Utau as well as the ANY2FRA dictionaries for Synthesizer V. More information on my GitHub.

Feel free to contact me for any French vsynth project!






January 21st — Mimosa AI beta release!

December 10th — Mimosa Second Anniversary:

  • Mimosa PETAL IV: new petals LIGHT & DARK
  • Mimosa JAPANESE reveal: a design contest has been launched! more info here

November 2nd — Mimosa AI (Millefeuille Diffsinger) reveal!

October 22nd — Mimosa BLUSH release!

September 11th — Kashimi & Merino SHAM release!

July 30th — Mimosa BLOOM demo reel & release!

July 20th — Website soft launch + Mimosa voicebank updates:

  • Mimosa BUD: rebrand of Mimosa V1 with a new oto.ini, additional CCs and a vocal fry pack (EDGE).
  • Mimosa PETAL III: new petals SOLID & SOFT and a new vocal fry pack (EDGE).
  • Mimosa KOREAN: new CVC Korean voicebank! Check her release video below.
  • Mimosa ENGLISH: slight modification to the vocal fry pack’s oto.ini.

Special thanks to Hibya for helping me set up the website and for the Mimosa logo. 🏵️