kashimi ♥ カシミ

name: Corentin Capri (コランタン・カプリ)
age: 28 yo
birthday: ☓☓
height: 183cm (6’00’)
nationality: French

likes: idols, mimosa (the singer)
dislikes: mimosa (the drink), his antifans

his dream: be famous


Corentin was working for a psychic reading hotline when the voice at the other end of the line asked if he wanted to make it big. It seems like his voice sounded a lot like K*gamine L*n, whatever that was, and there was money to be made. That’s how he began singing online as Kashimi & Merino.

Since then he learned all there is about idol culture and even became a bit of a stan, writing bots to help his favourite artists top the charts. His quick temper has gotten him into more than one internet argument. When he can’t think of a comeback, Merino gladly shares some of her wittiness.

Kashimi is a liar, easily offended and lacks self-confidence but his wariness has always shielded him from anyone taking advantage of him. Even though he wasn’t sure what to think of her at first, he’s warmed up to Merino and enjoys her company.

He’s pretty proud of never having fallen victim to any scam, but has he ?


Terms of Use

— Kashimi’s name should be stated clearly and adding the name of the voicebank used is appreciated. You can’t claim Kashimi as your own voicebank.

— Derivative characters of Kashimi aren’t allowed.

— Commercial use for Kashimi is OK for music, album covers etc.
but commercial use of his image & merch isn’t allowed without permission.

— No restriction on sexual depiction of the character.

— Using Kashimi’s samples for AI models (RVC, diff-SVC, so-vits, diffsinger…) or NFTs isn’t allowed.

— Please respect UTAU’s terms of use about song content when using Kashimi on covers.

— Redistribution of Kashimi isn’t allowed unless the official downloads are down.

Japanese CVVC
Released on 10/09/23

Ease of use — Medium+
Reclist — CVVC-lite
Aliasing — Kana
File size — 116 MB
Recorded — 2023

kashimi SHAM | カシミ♥ニセモノ

CORE — Tripitch Bratty & nasal tone with a lot of power.
WOOL (soft) — Bipitch — Soft & dark tone.
STEELWOOL (power) — Bipitch — Strong & screamy tone.
FELT — Monopitch — Extra-nasally & bratty tone meant to parody K*gamine L*n’s.

The SHAM is on! Kashimi’s youtube channel is already seating at more than a thousand subscribers (bought with his unemployment benefit) and he’s hard at work building a fanbase through a lot of tweeting.  Kashimi’s debut on social media is bratty, sour and melancholic.

CORE (コア)は普通の声