merino ♥ メリノ

name: Marie-Noëlle Berger (マリ-ノエル・ベルジェ)
age: 31 yo
birthday: ☓☓
height: 150cm (4’11)
nationality: French

likes: herself, mimosa (the drink)
dislikes: mimosa (the singer), wolves

her dream: represent France for the Eurovision Song Contest


When she realized she would never make it big as an idol, Marie-Noëlle turned to social media where she planned to conquer all of SynthTube as Merino. Posting auto-tuned covers and stolen content, she also markets herself as the French Kag*mine R*n with her partner in crime Kashimi.

When she’s not breaking terms of service on music websites, she logs into her sockpuppets to promote her music and harass other content creators… so much so that both her flat and her mom’s house are IP-banned from most social media. Nothing that computer-savvy Kashimi can’t fix.

Merino is proud, never short of a comeback and mean to a fault, « if people are dumb enough to get scammed, why should I not? ». The only ones she shows any restraint are her mom & Kashimi, though she can’t help but tease him sometimes.

Sometimes it seems like there’s no limit to how far she can go but she wouldn’t kill anyone… right?

Terms of Use

— Merino’s name should be stated clearly and adding the name of the voicebank used is appreciated. You can’t claim Merino as your own voicebank.

— Derivative characters of Merino aren’t allowed.

— Commercial use for Merino is OK for music, album covers etc.
but commercial use of her image & merch isn’t allowed without permission.

— No restriction on sexual depiction of the character..

— Using Merino’s samples for AI models (RVC, diff-SVC, so-vits, diffsinger…) or NFTs isn’t allowed.

— Please respect UTAU’s terms of use about song content when using Merino on covers.

— Redistribution of Merino isn’t allowed unless the official downloads are down.


coming soon


Core voicebank









Japanese CVVC
Released on 10/09/23

Ease of use — Medium+
Reclist — CVVC-lite
Aliasing — Kana
File size — 103 MB
Recorded — 2023

merino SHAM | メリノ♥ニセモノ

CORE — Tripitch Bratty & nasal tone with a lot of power.
WOOL (soft) — Bipitch — Soft & mischevious tone.
STEELWOOL (power) — Bipitch — Strong & screamy tone.
FELT — Monopitch — Extra-nasally & sweet tone meant to parody K*gamine R*n’s.

The SHAM is on! Merino’s channel is launched, all her socials up and ready to follow. Now it’s just a matter of making content… but it isn’t so hard when you steal it! Merino’s debut on social media is bratty, screamy and pitchy.

CORE (コア)は普通の声